Announcements, Changes, and Letters (oh my!)

As a United Methodist Elder, one of the distinctive aspects of our polity is the itinerant system. Pastors serve churches as a part of a larger connection, and a Bishop and Cabinet discern and make appointments for the leadership needs of the whole. Vastly oversimplified, I’ve said I will go and serve where I’m sent, and this is happening this year.

I’m leaving a group of people that I’ve come to deeply love at First Methodist Waco to become the Senior Pastor for another group of people at First Killeen. I have no doubt I’ll come to deeply love them too. I am both honored and heavy-hearted, tremendously excited and grieving.

God has been teaching me the beauty of being obedient and faithful to his call on my life in each season, and I have no doubt that the Lord goes before me here and now. God’s good work and blessing is with each of these special congregations. I am praying for the people of both churches, their leadership, and all the transition to come.

There will be both tears and joy ahead. That’s part of giving yourself to others. And I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

If you want to read the letters with details, dates, announcements, and more, they are linked here:

Announcement and Letter to First United Methodist Waco

Announcement and Greetings to First United Methodist Killeen

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